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Pricing Structure for Cross Photography

Short Photo promotional book featuring my Architectural Photography of the newly remodeled Chaffin Jr. High & Woods Elementary Schools in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Building Remodel Designs by Architechture Plus, Inc..  Educational Architecture  Promo Book, check it out at the bottom of this page or see the photos by clicking the Commercial & Business tab for the drop down Architectural Photography or click here:  Architectural Photography

Also see my 2009 Bridge book, Bridge Twilight:
 Check back, more COMING SOON.... 

You must think.

The eye is not enough.

You must think.

                                   PAUL CÉZANNE

If you are interested in historic bridges or American Art:

How about great american art and a wonderful facility:  Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Other friends and connections:

Modeling Page

Photographic Alliance of Fort Smith Arkansas- local photography club

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