Cross Commercial Photographic Services

     I am sure that we can meet your needs. Let's talk, consider the options and work out your photographic services. It is most important to me and for you to have quality photographic imaging.

     I am, first and foremost a Commercial Photographer.  Currently cutting overhead I run a mobile studio.  With a little space I can set up a studio at your location.  I have studio locations for use in the Fort Smith and the Fayetteville Arkansas areas; but, at considerable additional charges.  Space aside- product photography is about knowledge, lighting, communication and good working relationships with the client.  I want to continue to develop solid working relations with a few good clients.  My day rates vary depending on the client and location, but for example with one long term client with a good deal of regular photo work- they pay just over $700./day- at their location.  That is a great bargain but because we have developed a rapport, good communication and a good continuous flow of work, I can afford to offer them such a good rate.  Typically you should expect initial day rates of approximately $1000./day plus expenses. Air travel and over night work will be higer considering equipment transport and rentals. To download my pricing structure please click on this link: Pricing Structure for Cross Photography. Don't let the complexity bother you, I keep up with the price levels- just know the more business you do with me, the greater the price drop and ongoing savings.

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Please don't compromise with the images of your product.

If you don't "get the sale",  it doesn't matter how much you "Saved"!



 We can equip a small makeshift studio space or use available space, build sets for large or complicated setups. Tell us your need and we will make the effort to accomodate.


 If we are not in the Studio or in a Plane this is where we are. In your facility, an off site studio, or in the field-. We give special deals for a location like the above photo. Devil's Bay Virgin Gorda, BVI.


 I use to do a great deal of Aerial work, and loved it. Not much of late, so call or email with your project that I may prepare a quote, and consider all the details of your project.  Fixed wing or helicopter- we can get your shot!

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