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An Open Letter to Attorneys, Legal Aids and Legal Assistants

Photographic Evidence, Documentation & Testimony

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to introduce myself to you/your firm.  My name is John Cross and I have been a commercial/professional photographer around this area for approximately thirty (30) years.  In the past, I worked for attorneys by supplying professional photographic evidence and documentation on various types of cases including, but not limited to, photographing accident scenes on personal injury cases, aerial photographs with reference to land disputes and development, et cetera. In addition, I provided professional witness testimony in Court or by way of a deposition when needed.  At this time, I would like to get back into the business of working for attorneys.


I shoot exclusively in digital format and have all the equipment necessary to take professional photographs including, but not limited to, measuring equipment, marker and scale devices and have recently added on-camera GPS (data recorded in the exif file data of each image) enabling coordinates, altitude and shooting direction plus map placement.


I believe with my thirty years of experience, together with all the equipment that I have accumulated, I would be an asset to you/your firm in any type of case wherein professional photographic evidence and documentation is needed to supply technical information in support of or to refute other photographic evidence.


I would appreciate the opportunity to confidentially discuss your case needs in person should you need my services; therefore, please contact me at the above number.

Your consideration in this matter is certainly appreciated.

John Cross

Commercial Photographer

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